Customer Service Delivery

At Radix Pension Managers, we understand the role of effective communication in service delivery. For this reason, we have established various channels of communication to support daily interactions with clients. The communication channels are manned by experienced and dedicated Customer Service Agents who also possess the positive attitude necessary for service provision.

  • Telephone Call-in service: All voice calls are attended to in a courteous and professional manner. Our phone lines are open on Mondays through Fridays from 8am – 5pm daily. Outside of these times, the IVR will be available to attend to certain enquiries.
  • Walk-In Service: Every Walk-In client is attended to at the Head Office, Branch Office or at any of the Service centres. Our Offices/centres are open from 8am – 5pm daily, Monday to Fridays except on public holidays.
  • Mail-In Service: All emails directed to is received in the CRM application. Once an email is received an auto response is generated by the CRM and is sent to the client acknowledging receipt.
  • Postal correspondence/Letters: Letters of enquiries/complaints are received and treated accordingly.
  • Social Network: We engage our clients on the following social media platforms


Whatsapp service line: 09060001020

Facebook: Radix Pension

Twitter: @RadixPension

Instagram: radix_pension

We ensure that all enquiries/complaints received via each communication channel are treated within the stipulated Service Level Agreement ranging from update of personal record, enquiry on RSA details, request for Individual Statement, remittance status, benefit application etc.

In addition, we ensure that the statutory Quarterly statement is consistently generated and distributed to clients.